Bergquell Porter Erdbeer (Strawberry). This is another fruity mix based on Porter from the German brewery Bergquell-Brewery Löbau. Mix 95% Porter and 5% strawberry syrup is a fresh fruity proposition and a completely new experience.

Brewery: Bergquell
Country: German Beer
Styles: Strawberry Porter
ABV%: 4.2%
Size: 50cl

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier. The classic weissebier from the worlds oldest brewery.This is the quintessential German wheat beer, fresh, zesty and rich with a delicate spice and orange peel aroma. There is no surprise that this beer has been a favourite for over 600 years!

Brewery: Weihenstaphan
Country: German Beer
Styles: Wheat beer
ABV%: 5.4%
Size: 50cl

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